Privacy Policy


What personal information is collected?

In order to offer you with our services, we gather some useful information at the time of registration and relate it with our Services such as customer's name, address, email address, contact info.

How this information will be used by the company?

The information collected by us is used for promotional offers that we offer 3 to 4 times in a month. We will also let you know if there is any modification made on our website, to keep you updated.

How this information will be transferred to third party companies?

We don't share individual information on third parties for any marketing purposes except as disclosed in this Privacy Policy or at the time you supply us your information.

How you use cookies?

Like other websites, we use cookies to gather additional data to improve our services. Cookies are used to save the search preferences, to make the pages you visit frequently relevant to you, and to count number of visitors come to our page, and to help you shield your data.

Provide instructions on how users can modify or delete their personal information?

To make our website user friendly, we follow easy steps, so that our customer can simply log into account and easily makes changes in the personal information or modify the personal info.

Provide instructions on how users can opt out of future communications?

You can simply opt out from our services at any time, just click the "opt-out” and you will be unsubscribe from our services. You can also opt out from our services by sending us an email to our sales unit by mentioning that you want to opt out from our promotional emails. Just email us at

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